About Annie Koehlinger

Annie Koehlinger

Annie Koehlinger enjoys spending free time with her dogs: Nemo and Hermione.

Annie Koehlinger is a bright and ambitious Illinois Virtual School, College Prep student who plans to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Studies. Her passion for culinary arts developed when her parents surprised her with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a trip to Paris, France. During her visit Annie Koehlinger got the chance to dine in upscale Parisian restaurants, taste authentic French cuisine, and share her passion for cooking with some of the top chefs in the world. She met the Head Chef at the prestigious Seaside Restaurant and saw his techniques in action at the Capella Pedregal while indulging on fresh, delicious seafood. This trip not only reinforced her desire to study culinary arts, but it also sparked her interest in establishing her own restaurant.

Annie Koehlinger has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and even started her own business at a young age. One summer while vacationing at her family’s lake house, she began her own handcrafted jewelry business. This business gave her an outlet for her creativity, as she designed and built each piece of jewelry she sold. She also gained entrepreneurship experience as she sold her completed pieces to her neighbors and others who were vacationing on the lake. Annie Koehlinger has kept this entrepreneurial spirit ever since and is already applying what she learned in this experience to her economics coursework at Illinois Virtual School, College Prep.

In her free time, Annie Koehlinger enjoys traveling, wake boarding, surfing, ballroom dancing, and photography. She hopes to one day use what she has learned about photography to market her own restaurant and design the restaurant’s menus. Her interest in culinary arts has also been put to use through service projects for her church. Annie Koehlinger has taught food preparation lessons to a local elementary school class and has also cooked food for homeless shelters. Whether she is traveling, volunteering for school, or researching universities, Annie Koehlinger is always thinking about culinary arts.

Learn more about Annie Koehlinger and her culinary arts training and career plans on her WordPress blog at https://anniekoehlinger.wordpress.com/ or connect with Annie Koehlinger on Google+.