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Annie Koehlinger Ballroom Dancing

Annie Koehlinger learned how to Waltz at Arthur Murray Dance School.

Annie Koehlinger developed her passion for ballroom dancing when her parents enrolled her at the prestigious Arthur Murray Dance School. At this time she had no prior knowledge of the variety of ballroom dance styles performed in all major competitions. The professional dance instructors at this studio teach highly advanced techniques in the following ballroom dance styles:

The waltz is a classical dance style which surfaced in the early 19th century. This romantic dance is syncopated in ¾ time and mainly performed in closed position. Other styles developed from the original waltz include “The Country Western Waltz,” “Hesitation Waltz,” and the “Viennese Waltz.”

The Tango
This partner dance originated in South America during the 1890s and soon spread around the world. As other cultures discovered this dance, they incorporated their own cultural elements by changing the music, fashion, and venue. There are now a wide range of tango styles danced to different styles of music depending on where the dancer is located.

The foxtrot, which debuted in 1914, follows a series of long and continuous flowing movements that create a smooth progressive dance pattern. This style of dance is also performed to large orchestras or singing groups. While the foxtrot reached peak popularity in the 1930s, students at Arthur Murray Dance School still learn and perform this dance today.

As its name implies, the quickstep is a fast-paced dance combining many techniques from the foxtrot. Although the quickstep originated in England, the dance was later reinvented in the 1920’s by Caribbean and African dancers for formal and non-formal events. There are three main characteristics that differentiate the quickstep from the foxtrot: chassés, quarter turns, and the lockstep.

After Annie Koehlinger learned and practiced these dance styles, she began to participate in local ballroom dancing competitions. Last year she competed in the Chicago Medal Ball Showcase and the Chicago Ball Showcase-Egyptian Nights.


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