Culinary Arts

Annie Koehlinger food preparation

Annie Koehlinger is passionate about Culinary Arts, which she plans to study at a four-year university.

“Culinary arts” is a term for the art of preparing and cooking foods. Annie Koehlinger has always had a passion for culinary arts and plans to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Studies from a four-year institution. She chose to pursue this career path after her parents recently surprised her with a trip to Paris, France.

While visiting Paris, Annie Koehlinger fell in love with the city’s exquisite cuisine. She had the opportunity to dine at an array of Parisian restaurants where she met classically trained chefs and restaurant entrepreneurs. She also admired how the city’s culture appeared to center on gastronomy. Following the trip, Annie Koehlinger understood that studying culinary arts would allow her to one day own and operate her own restaurant business. She is fully aware of the challenges associated with pursuing this competitive career path.

In order to work in a fine dining establishment, she must complete rigorous hands-on training and receive her culinary arts certification. Students who are interested in Culinary Studies enroll in a two or four year culinary arts program and receive training as a sous chef, executive chef, or junior chef, depending on where their interests lie. All culinary arts programs strengthen and test students’ techniques for preparing, selecting, and serving food. Annie Koehlinger hopes her program will help her develop and apply integral managerial skills, practical knowledge, scientific understanding, and culinary artistry.

Before she can open her own restaurant, Annie Koehlinger must be certified by a culinary arts program. She must also gain additional hands-on training through an internship or apprenticeship if she decides she wants to be an executive chef. After completing one of these training programs, she will be able to apply for entry-level chef and kitchen management positions. These positions will arm Annie Koehlinger with the experience she needs to open her own restaurant.

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