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Restaurant website

Background images can enhance the website’s appearance.

Welcome back to my blog. Annie Koehlinger here with another post about culinary arts and entrepreneurship. I am about to start college and will be studying culinary arts. I hope my degree will prepare to one day own and manage a restaurant. When I do, I will have to make a website to promote my restaurant. I recently read an article with seven tips and tricks for creating a restaurant website, and here were some of my favorite suggestions:


Keep it Simple

The article mentions that a restaurant website should always have a main mage, a menu, an “About Us” page, and a contact form. “Without any of them the website will never be complete.” I think this is great advice since most of the times when I am looking at a restaurant’s website I am trying to figure out when they are open or what they have on the menu.

Think About Your Color Scheme

The article points out that the four colors you usually see on a restaurant’s website are brown, white, red, and black. The colors make for a simple design but I had no idea that each color also symbolizes something specific. Brown = reliability and adherence to tradition, white = freedom or freshness, black = mystery, and red is often used by fast food restaurants to represent secret desires.

Use High-Quality Images

I already wrote a blog post about effective food photography, but these photographs aren’t just for menus. The article says that large background photos help make the website more attractive and encourage people to keep clicking through your site. Any images of food should be “delicious”, because this will make sure viewers can’t wait to step into your restaurant and get a bite.

You can view the full article, along with examples of well-designed restaurant websites, here:

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