The Power of Hashtags in Restaurant Marketing

Hashtags-For-RestaurantsWelcome back to my blog.  This week I’m writing about a very simple yet productive tool for gaining recognition on your restaurant’s social media pages.  Recently, I’ve noticed many sites that are now implementing “hashtags”.  At first I didn’t think much about it, but once my friends and I began using them ourselves, I actually got more “likes” on posts.


What’s a hashtag?

For those of you who don’t use hashtags, here’s what I know about them:  Hashtags (better known as ‘#’) are used by social media users who want a particular post to link to other similar posts.  In less confusing terms, I think they help weed out unwanted posts and filter searches down to an exact term or phrase.  For example, if a restaurant posts a picture on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the description “#filetmignon,” any other person who searches “#filetmignon” will see the restaurant’s post.

How are they beneficial to restaurant marketing?

I started thinking about how restaurants could benefit from hashtags.  I found this great article on explaining why general hashtags like “#culinary” are good to use.  More people search general tags, so they give your restaurant more room to grow an audience.  This seems like a simple way to advertise for free.

How can a restaurant use hashtags to their advantage?

As easy as hashtags seem, you have to monitor your usage.  SproutSocial’s article explains how keeping hashtags within a certain topic will keep them from looking like spam. One of my favorite restaurants, Vera, does this. They combine hashtags related to local events with general hashtags to reach more people.

Hashtags are a great marketing tool for restaurants because food lovers across the globe can get easy access to local dining on social media pages they use everyday.  I’m getting a little hungry, so I think I will go search Twitter for some local #ItalianFood.

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