Top French Dishes to Try in France

France is an oasis of culinary inspiration and if you get the chance to visit this romantic city, there are a few traditional dishes that you just have to try. With a culture that puts emphasis on lounging around cafes and dining out as a pastime, it’s no wonder that they have created one of the world’s top culinary scenes.

Annie Koehlinger is passionate about food and cooking and loves learning about unique dishes from different areas and cultures around the world. Currently, Annie Koehlinger is pursuing a degree in culinary studies and plans to pursue a career in culinary arts from there. Recently, her parents surprised her with a trip to Paris, France where she had the opportunity to learn about traditional local dishes.

Duck Confit

This dish was created out of a method that was used in order to preserve the duck for future eating. By cooking the thighs of the duck in its own fat, the meat becomes tender and beautifully moist. Usually the dish is served seared with a crispy, brown skin. Additionally, it is typically served with  side of potatoes, sautéed in duck fat and garlic.

Moules Marinieres - Annie Koehlinger

Moules Marinieres

Moules Marinieres

While mussels are typically associated with Belgium, the French have adopted them as a popular dish. Putting their own spin on them, they typically marinate them in a white wine broth and add shallots and parsley. And, most importantly, they are always served with a side of crispy banquette.

Steak Tartare

With this dish, the meat is famously eaten raw. High quality beef is finely chopped and then mixed with onions, plenty of seasonings and a topping of grated cheese. On top goes a runny egg yolk and a side of rye bread to go along.


Although it was made famous because of the children’s movie, this dish already had quite the following in France. It was created in Nice and consists of garlic, eggplant, zucchini, onions, basil, bell peppers, thyme and additional seasonings to taste. It’s a versatile dish that can be eaten for lunch, dinner or just as  a side.

Crème Brulee - Annie Koehlinger

Crème Brulee

Crème Brulee

This well loved dessert can be found on menus all around the world but it got its start in France. Served at room temperature, it consists of a thick custard base and a sugary, crunchy top, typically achieved by a torch. It tastes of vanilla and often is served with a topping of cream and fresh fruit.

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