Using Instagram to Enhance Restaurant Menus

Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog. The love of cooking has brought me to my dream, which is one day to become a restaurant entrepreneur. My goal is to attend college and earn a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Studies. With my journey about to begin, I have been thinking ahead and brainstorming of what the future will hold as far as marketing. A great idea I read on CNET last year was related to Instagram Menus. I think this would be a great marketing concept.

Instagramming Food

My friends and I always Instagram pretty entrees at restaurants, but I did not realize that this could benefit restaurant owners. According to the article, New York restaurant Comodo created the hashtag #COMODOMENU after noticing a lot of customers post their meals on Instagram. Now diners who are not sure what to order can search this hashtag to find out what friends recommend. Having an interest  in photography will allow me to use my photography skills to take food pictures for my future restaurant’s menu, but as the article mentions, few restaurants actually include photos in their menus. An Instagram menu allows owners to visually market a restaurant without cluttering up the menu.

When CNET published the original article about Comodo,  55 photos were tagged #comodomenu. I just checked and there are now over 1,000 photos with this tag so the idea looks like a success. Comodo will need to watch out for spammers though, as some of the photos with this tag are memes or photos from other restaurants.

Comodo made a video to promote its Instagram Menu, the video can be viewed here:

I cannot wait to do more research on innovative restaurant marketing ideas, and I will make sure to share what I find on this blog.

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P.S. Mom if you are reading this, I would not complain if you took me to New York so that I could add a photo of my own to Comodo’s Instagram Menu.

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